Pipe smoking, tea drinking husband and bookkeeper from Sydney, Australia.

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Tonight’s whale painting. #pipesmoking #whalepainting #newlondon #thetelegraphnl #liveart

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Pietro Sedda


some more pipe portraits!



I love this mug but the hat is an odd grammatical choice. ‘Pirates be warned’ or ‘pirates, be warned’?

Samuel Gawith The Kendal Mayor’s Chocolate Flake in a Bari Pearl.

Depends on who’s holding the mug…


Perfect weather to sit up in the woods and fire up the ol pipe. #timesarentsotough. #pipetobacco. #wnc

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? - Dr Seuss

Friday afternoon smoke, Samuel Gawith The Kendal Mayor’s Chocolate Flake in a no name squashed tomato.

thesillyoldbear asked: Who has possession of Jaques' pipe collection now? Are they in a museum, with the estate or with a private collector?


Hi, I believe it’s part of the ‘Les Films de Mon Oncle’ estate now. They own the rights to Tati’s movies ànd several props. I have photographed a lot them at the Tati expo some years ago. I’ll post a picture later on, showing a mummified Hulot with (supposedly authentical) pipe in his mouth.
I’d have to check if it is indeed one of Hulot’s pipes, perhaps they were all ‘worn out’ and they might have used a ‘stand-in’.


new tee ! #sailor #blue #mermaid #capitan #bear #bear #naki #illustration #pipe #ocean #blonde #messageinabittle


My treat for this month… #PetersonsofDublin #pipe #tobacco #SherlockHolmes #smoke #simplepleasures :)

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